Tech is no longer just Tech - Tech is now a Lifestyle Statement!

Technology determines our day-to-day life. It is at the center of our lives and supports us in organizing, communicating, and orienting ourselves. Vonmählen develop, design, produce, and market tech lifestyle accessories. Their products are characterized by a unique combination of technical functionality and elegant design, and their accessories in the categories Grip, Connect, Power and Sound provide maximum freedom and comfort in everyday digital life.

The Promise

All product ideas and concepts are created with love for detail and passion at the headquarters in Lüneburg. The collections created are characterized by the use of recurring colors, materials, and design elements. The products, which have been thought down to the smallest detail, can be freely combined and complement each other perfectly thanks to the uniform and Nordic design language.

The signature colors rose gold, black, and silver underline this collection idea. This is how Vonmählen create the right tech accessories for the lifestyles of their customers around the globe.


The Vision

Every single person at Vonmählen works daily with determination, passion, team spirit and transparency. The common goal is to establish an international lifestyle brand, which turns tech products into lifestyle accessories suitable for everyday use in the form of holistic and perfectly coordinated collections.

The Mission

Tech Accessories for men and as the first company to develop and produce especially for women. Vonmählen's Tech-Lifestyle-Accessories convince by a perfect interaction of functionality, design and quality to make everyday life more beautiful.