MILAN® 1918 -2019

101 years of an unerasable history

A family business founded in 1918, the company is managed by the fourth generation.

MILAN has more than 5,000 references of stationery and accessories for school, office, desk and fine arts.

Nowadays, MILAN products are sold in more than 110 countries, in such different markets as Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Australia, Pakistan, Russia, Chile, Morocco, Argentina, South Korea, India, USA, Mexico & Japan, including as well all the European countries.

A long trajectory which began in the 1950s with the export of the company's first erasers. Since then, has increased its international presence every year.


MILAN products have their own character and design lines. Its unique and recognizable design and quality reinforce the MILAN brand. Nowadays MILAN has more than 70 registered designs which are developed by the company´s R+D department.


In order to reinforce each one of the products, their design provides coherence and solidity, being possible to offer different products that cover similar needs.


Combination of different category groups, on line with the new fashions, through colours & materials.