From the beginning in 1958, as an embossing company, DYMO® has grown to become a leader in the labeling industry, with a global reach and responsibility. That responsibility is of great importance to DYMO® that is committed to maximizing your efficiency while investing in sustainability—one label at a time.

With this initiative, DYMO® has a dedicated team striving to become more sustainable every day, not only through products and packaging, but also through the production and transportation processes, and their social and environmental responsibilities.

DYMO® commitment to sustainability


100% Post-Industrial Waste

DYMO® plastic external cassettes are made from 100% recycled material.

All of the materials come from scrap materials created by manufacturers that were destined for disposal. These scraps are then processed and reused to create label cassettes.

80% Post-Consumer Waste

DYMO® cardboard sleeve and box label packaging is made from 80% recycled material, while DYMO® plastic blister label packaging is made from 60% recycled material.

All of the materials have been diverted and recovered from consumer waste materials that were destined for disposal and are now reused to create the packaging.



BPA-Free LW Paper

BPA is an artificial coating on paper, which negatively impacts its solubility, the health of its users, and the environment. As such, all DYMO® LabelWriter™ paper labels are free from BPA.