Artline is created by Shachihata, which is a global leader in developing ink technologies to accomplish the tasks of marking, notifying and identification.

Shachihata is delighted to be able to supply Despec with our Artline range featuring high quality permanent, whiteboard, and paint markers in addition to our specialist collection, for use in education, office, home and industry.


Use the right pen when marking fabrics, garden equipment, frozen food packages, toys and all that is yours.


Great pens for even greater accomplishments when you do your drawing, illustration, bullet journaling or lettering.


The perfect pens for both indoor and outdoor use where permanent, indelible marking is required.


A wide range of pens and colours. See our white- & glassboard assortment or find your archive proof pens.


Whether you're a professional in the industry or prefer DIY in your own home,
the Artline EKPR Special Purpose Marker range is ideal for any job!

Artline Electricians Marker: Non-conductive and suitable for use on plastic, wires, electrical tags etc. Each marker is dual-ended with a 0.4 mm / 1 mm bullet nib.